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A chat with Vijay Shiva

December 27, 2007

I am a great fan of Vijay Shiva; his Swatantra Geethangal (a two cassette set, released for the fifty years of Indian Independence) was one that I used to play every day (for several years); I wore out at least two sets; though, unfortunately, I do not know any place online where you can listen to Swatantra Geethangal, you can listen to Vijay Shiva at the Music India Online site. Vijay Shiva (along with T M Krishna, I think) is also one of the authors of Learning to appreciate carnatic music series (which you can listen to online).

In the Friday Review edition of the Hindu, V Balasubramanian reports on his recent chat with Shiva. Shiva has some interesting things to say, like this one about nature versus nurture, for example:

I firmly believe that more than the genes, it is the atmosphere you grow in that shapes you. To cite a couple of examples, D.K.Pattammal is the first musician in her family and so is P.Unnikrishnan.

Shiva also has nice things to say about DKP:

Once, knowing that I was going to sing on Shyama Sastri Day, she summoned me over phone to come and learn the rare ‘Mangalam’ composed by him! Until then I never knew of its existence! DKP amma keeps track of my development. As she is aging there are no regular classes now, but it is Divine guidance I get from her.

Take a look!