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Nobel prize in chemistry 2007

October 10, 2007

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2007 is awarded to Gerhard Ertl

for his studies of chemical processes on solid surfaces.

The Gerhard Ertl Festschrift volume in physical chemistry has more details of Prof. Ertl and his works; the foreword to the volume has a very readable personal and scientific biography. By the way, I got both the links from Prof. Ertl’s homepage, which has more information and links.

Update: As with other prizes, the official Nobel prize page has a nice speed read 2 minute summary on the Chemistry Nobel 2007; in addition to describing the contribution s of Prof. Ertl, there is also a line about his working style, which I thought, is worth pointing out:

A hallmark of Ertl’s approach has been his willingness to return to the same research questions whenever technology became available that opened new avenues for investigating an old problem in a fresh way. This intense focus on particular problems, combined with his patient approach to solving them, hold part of the key to his success in exposing events at chemistry’s hidden face.