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New Orleans: some photos — set 2

March 11, 2008

Here is the second set I promised this morning:

  1. French quarter — 3
  2. French quarter — 4
  3. Cathedral — close-up: One of the oldest in USA, I understand
  4. St. Louis Cathedral — close-up
  5. The stained glass window at the cathedral
  6. St. Louis cathedral — long shot

At least one more to go!

Conference: day 2

March 11, 2008

Got to meet some more people — Samrat Chaudhury and Hassan (whom I have not met in years). Here are some notes of a few talks that I attended.

Ken Elder: Phase field crystal modelling

Introducing gradient terms in free energy, automatically, gets you Hooke’s law.

Conventional density functional theory — first term ideal gas non-interacting — second term – two-point correlation

PFC — Primitive, simplified form of classical DFT — take the second term and expand those in terms of densities

The expansion parameters — isothermal liquid compressibility, bulk modulus, lattice constant

Phase field model — simplified, primitive model of PFC with phase field being the amplitude of the density field

Binary alloy PFC — regular solution model pops out for constant (zero?) density and negative gradient energy coefficient for concentration gives orderingIs there a primitive/simplified PFC for quantum DFT — to study chemical bonds?

Jim Warren — Introducing mechanics into Phase Field

Reactive wetting — Boettinger and Warren — Bi 20 wt % Sn on pure Bi

Reactive wetting — three time scales Rapid spreading (fast), melting dissolution (seconds), and elimination of non-constant curvature of liquid-solid interface (years)

Hydrodynamics into phase field – how to do?

Mass conservation, momentum conservation, energy conservation, entropy is maximized

Assume a non-classical entropy — Sekerka

Dan Anderson — pure phase

Poisson bracket formalism — McGill group

Dissipative terms in the entropy production of the form

tau: grad v (Classical Newtonian fluid)

van der Waals — ideal alloy fluid modelling — Solid is a viscous liquid in the usual phase field model — very bad for these kind of problems

Can PFC equations of motion be derived using an argument of the increasing entropy type?

Nigel Goldenfeld –Extending PFC models

PFC — no constraint on density

How to deal with defects? How to put in elasticity? How to put in plastic flow phenomena? Binary alloys?

Registration and the poster sessions

March 9, 2008

I went to the registration desk and picked up my registration material this evening. Although I was told that the Convention centre where the conference happens is only half-a-mile from my hotel, and in principle it is — since the nearest gate is less than half-a-mile from my hotel — once I entered, I had to walk more than a mile to reach the registration area. Apart from that, registration was cool.

I just had enough time to run back to the hotel, pick my poster material and reach the poster session area; it took a few minutes for me to put up the poster. There was not much of a crowd at the session; the ones who turned up were there to have a chat with some of us the authors and the chairman of the session, I suppose. But, some of those who were present did come by my poster and had a chat with me. Some of them even told me that they liked the work. And, some are even interested in knowing more about my work and/or applying it to their own problems. To that extent, the poster was a success.

Unfortunately, since I was supposed to be around for the poster, I could not visit those of others. I jsut hung around my poster, and, had some soda, cheese, olives, crackers and celery too during the poster session and the subsequent discussions.

One surprise during the session was meeting Suresh, who was a masters student at IISc and who is doing his PhD in TU-Delft in Netherlands now. It was nice meeting him and we are planning to have some get-together dinner for old times sake sometime. Suresh was also surprised to see a more rounded version of me — he could not help exclaiming குண்டாயிட்டீங்க! first, and then a little while later, தொப்பை எல்லாம் போட்டுட்டீங்க!

I will try and get a post about our New Orleans sight seeing and dining experience, with photos soon.

Some live blogging times here!

March 9, 2008

Yesterday, we crossed a mile stone with a two hour flight journey with Maithri — from Chicago to New Orleans to attend the TMS Annual Meeting 2008 — we were a bit apprehensive as to how Maithri will take to the journey — in the event, she enjoyed the flight and did not cry a lot.

We will be here for a few more days. Though there is a dedicated meeting page for the conference, TMS policies does not allow me to record some interesting talks and webcast them here, unfortunately:

TMS reserves the right to all audio and video reproductions of presentations at TMS sponsored meetings. Recording of sessions (audio, video, still photography, etc.) intended for personal use, distribution, publication, or copyright without the express written consent of TMS and the individual authors is strictly prohibited.

However, I do plan to publish my notes and impressions in this blog live, provided I manage to get some good internet connection, or, as an update everyday. Let us see how it goes.