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Alienation at the academy!

December 22, 2008

ArunN at Unruled notebook writes about his experiences with Madras Music Academy (I have visited the academy only once — to watch Chitra Visweshwaran’s dance programme — Shakthi-96? — and, pretty much felt the same way about the place):

The Academy, despite its cultural richness and music tradition, its free concerts and clean toilets, always makes me uncomfortable. A nagging feeling of not belonging, in spite of my interest in Carnatic music. That someone would catch me listening, chastise my inappropriate presence and evict me anytime. After about ten years of attending concerts at the Academy, encountering occasional officious snobbishness and holier-than-thou fragrance, I am never evicted. But the middle-class me is convinced my uncomfortable feeling is not by accident.

The piece itself has plenty of information, and at least one link to a blog that might be worth your feeds if you are musically inclined. Take a look!