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Experiencing altered states of consciousness

November 29, 2007

Vaughan at Mind Hacks strongly recommends Jeff Warren’s The Head Trip: Adventures on the wheel of consciousness:

The author, Jeff Warren, wants to experience various altered states of consciousness that are described in the scientific literature, like the hypnagogic state – the hallucinatory period when dropping off, or lucid dreaming, when you’re aware that you’re dreaming, or hypnosis.

So he travels the world meeting researchers, taking part in experiments, trying things out on himself, and explaining the science along the way.

And this he does very well. He manages to capture some of the key debates in the literature, explain some tricky concepts, as well as introducing us to often curious and compelling characters who research these phenomena.

He skillfully compares the myths, claims and speculation with what is known from scientific studies, and what he managed to experience himself.

Sounds cool!