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India’s greatest gift to itself (and the man who facilitated it)

September 27, 2008

Ram Guha in The Telegraph:

Back in 1957, Shankar’s Weekly had argued that along with the philosophy of Panchsheel, free elections were India’s greatest gift to Asia. No one believes in Panchsheel anymore, but electoral democracy has endured. It is, as it were, India’s greatest gift to itself. For while politicians in India are now anything but wise or patriotic, their misdeeds are kept somewhat in check by the mighty machine forged and welded by Sukumar Sen. Perhaps it is time that his fellow Bengalis properly honoured him. They might wish to name a major street in Calcutta after him. Or they might press the government of India to confer on Sukumar Sen a posthumous Bharat Ratna, to which his claims are far stronger than of some previous recipients of that award.

For the readers of India after Gandhi, Sukumar Sen might not be a stranger — but this is a nice, short piece with some more information on the man and his achievements; take a look!