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Various stages of construction of a proposal

May 20, 2008

FSP writes about how the process works for her:

I have a few ideas for proposals I want to write in the next year or so, and although my ideas may change over the course of the year, I like to have a general plan. For me, the construction of a proposal commonly involves various stages:

1 – Some possibly interesting (and of course transformative) ideas buzz around my brain until they settle into distinct ideas that can be packaged into focused and compelling proposal-units.

2 – The beginning of proposal writing is not a linear process. I don’t start at the beginning and work my way through to the end. I write various pieces of it as best suits my mood, move bits of text around, create or assemble figures, talk to colleagues, edit what I’ve written, write new sections, and so on. This is my favorite part, and it can be exhilarating.

The remaining three stages that FSP writes about in her post are all related to filling out forms, uploading them and doing the housekeeping chores. Take a look!

HowTo: write grant proposals

October 18, 2007

Ostensibly in behavioural sciences; but, let that not fool you — from what I have seen in this and this page, most of the tips are general enough for writing any grant proposal.

Hat tips: Neurophilosophy and Blog around the clock.

HowTo: Write research proposals

September 28, 2007

Here is a career development article in ScienceCareers on writing a research plan; this rather lengthy and detailed essay deals with the following issues:

  • What is the purpose of a research plan?
  • How do I tell a good story?
  • How do I make my research plan seem real?
  • How do I demonstrate my independence?
  • How do you demonstrate your independence when you have never been given the chance to work independently?
  • Is the research plan more important in the screening phase or late in the game?
  • How long should it be?
  • How do you make a good first impression?
  • How do I make my plan withstand careful scrutiny?
  • Should I include a research hypothesis?
  • Other advice

A must-read essay (and hat tip to Dr Aparna Bhatnagar of Post-doctoral affairs for the email alert).

PS: Just for the sake of reference, here are some of my earlier posts with links to some other resources on grant proposal writing.