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Bible, titles of some classics and Oscar Wao

May 3, 2008

Here are a few links from the latest Hindu literary review edition:

Have fun!

Bible as truth and literature

April 14, 2008

My parents are among those who believe the Bible is literally true. Funny thing is, the two of them have completely different ideas about what God is saying in it.

By the time I was seven or eight, Sunday mornings had begun to devolve into screaming theological arguments that migrated from our kitchen through our living room and out to the front lawn.

From time to time, my mother would rip pages from the New Testament and throw them around the yard. “Go on ahead to that dead church, where they wouldn’t know the Holy Ghost if He sailed in with a sign on and bit them on the ass,” she would yell.

A hilarious Bible-as-truth-or-literature argument flares up in the first several pages of Peter DeVries’ excellent 1961 novel The Blood of the Lamb. You can read a large chunk of the scene in the excerpt at Amazon.

That is Maud Newton (and the excerpt is so good, I have to get the novel). Have fun!