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Extraterrestrials versus Latin Americans in television

April 8, 2008

Junot Diaz (via Maud):

Look, in the year 2000 they cast more extraterrestrials than Latinos in television, during the entire year. [A study by Martha M. Lauzen of San Diego State University found that in the 1998-99 television season, 3 percent of female characters in popular shows were from another world/realm, and only 1 percent were Hispanic.] So my [point is], I do think it’s probably harder for a mainstream American who grows up exposed to extraterrestrials more than to Latinos to imagine the center of the universe being a fat Dominican, you know? Which is cool. That’s what art is there to do. Art is there to challenge our assumptions and our organizing principles.

Take a look!

Hari Kunzru on art and freedom of expression

October 29, 2007

Art isn’t about promoting social cohesion, or cementing community relations. It’s about telling the truth as you see it, even if it annoys or offends some people. That’s called freedom of expression, and last time I checked we all thought it was quite a good idea.

Hari Kunzru in a letter to the Guardian; via (who else?) Jenny.