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Philip Pullman’s His dark materials

March 31, 2008

I have been reading so much about Pullman and his His dark materials trilogy, finally, I decided to check them out of the library. I have finished The golden compass (Northern lights in England, I suppose). I am half-way through The subtle knife. I have liked whatever I have read so far. More detailed comments have to wait till I finish all the three. In the meanwhile, for those of you who are so inclined, the Complete Review review is available here (which gives it a B+).

Update: A bit spooky perhaps, but nonetheless, here is a recent B-squared post which sounds as if the authors got their inspiration from Pullman:

Two physicists are publishing what sounds like a bizarre scientific paper that they claim explains poltergeists. The researchers–Pierro Brovetto, formerly of the Institute Fisica Superiore, and his colleague Vera Maxia–hypothesize that female neuronal changes at puberty can cause quantum mechanical disturbances.