Recommended books!

I see many recommendations during my blog-reading, which, I want to check out from the library; however, when I am about to go to the library, I just cannot remember any of the titles/authors. In the event, I end up just browsing through the racks and bringing whatever I fancy at the moment. Not that I have anything against such browsing (I love it), but, in order not to miss out on the recommended books, I am going to keep a list in this page.

  1. Marisa de los Santos — Love Walked in (via)
  2. Naomi Novik — Temeraire (via)
  3. Jo Walton — Farthing; Fatherland; The plot against America; The Yiddish Policemen’s union (My impressions of the book are here); Derek Raymond — A state of Denmark; The lively dead; The Thief; The queen of Attolia (via)
  4. Holly Black — Ironside; Mathew Polly — American Shaolin (via): My responses to American Shaolin are here and here.
  5. Chris Frith — Making up the mind (via)
  6. The scandal of the season — Sophie Gee (via)
  7. Samuel R Delany — About writing (via)
  8. Ezra Pound — ABC of reading; Confucius to Cummings (via)
  9. Colum McCann — Zoli (via)
  10. Natalie Angiers — The Canon (via); Pharyngula
  11. Richard Powers — The Echo Maker (via) Here are my impressions of the novel.
  12. Jo Walton — Via
  13. Self storage — Gayle Brandeis (via)
  14. Remainder — Tom McCarthy (via)
  15. House of Rain — Craig Childs (via)
  16. The emigrants — W G Sebald (via)
  17. The first word — Christine Kenneally (via)
  18. A Farewell to Alms: a brief economic history of the world (via)
  19. Neal Stephenson — Snow Crash (through American Shaolin)
  20. Carson McCullers — The member of the wedding (via)
  21. Brazzaville beach–William Boyd (via)
  22. 99 novels: the best in English since 1939 — Anthony Burgess (via)
  23. The garden of the Finzi-Continis — Giorgio Bassani (via)
  24. Four seasons in Rome – Anthony Doerr (via)
  25. What was lost — Catherine O’Flynn (via)
  26. The Virginian — Owen Wister
  27. Roger Deakin — Waterlog (Strongly recommended)
  28. The Accidental Mind: how brain evolution has given us love, memory, dreams and God — David Linden (via Tyler Cowen)
  29. Nada (via)
  30. Arthur Phillips (via)
  31. Sy Montgomery (via)
  32. Open city (via)

2 Responses to “Recommended books!”

  1. coolnik Says:

    What are your favorites among these, Guru?

    • Guru Says:

      Dear Coolnik,

      As you can see these are the books that were recommended by different bloggers and blogs; of these, I have read only three so far (the ones which are struck off from the list); if you search my blog, you probably will find the reviews I wrote for all of them. To give a short answer, Echo maker did not live up to my expectations at the point at which I read; Yiddish Policemen’s union and American Shaolin are both great in their own way.


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