A story?

The Mystery of Early Yield – A Study in Crystals

"How do you like a journey into crystalline world, Mr. Knowhow?! I have a complaint that these crystals are behaving a bit odd and I am going to the bottom of the issue. If you pack up everything, on our way, probably I can explain the case as I understand it," said Mr. Knowall with that characteristic mischievous smile of his hanging on to his otherwise no-nonsense visage. Mr. Knowall had many success stories behind him and was considered to be the best in reasoning and explaining the bizarre and mysterious things that one came across in laboratories. He owed his success partly to his ability in visiting the microworld (the underworld as they would call it) and partly to his unerring observing skills (with which he could observe even electric fields!).

When Mr. Knowall was explaining the mystery of Early Yield to Mr. Knowhow on their way to the mystery land, the shadow of the movements of his slender fingers and his measured and well-thought-of sentences seemed to add more mystery to the whole affair. "As you may know, Mr. Knowhow, My friend Metallovia is facing a peculiar problem with those carefully grown single crystals of hers. They seem to deform plastically at values ten thousandth of what her husband Theoretes calculates and so he suspects the poor Metallovia of some silly trick. Metallovia knows that her crystals are perfect as well as the logic of her husband that deformation stress is approximately half of the shear modulus. So this morning she came and requested me to investigate the whole affair. That is the reason why we are on our way to Early Yield Mr. Knowhow. You have to be extremely careful during our visit to that crystal city. It looks the same in all directions. The houses are equally spaced throughout and you will see people who bear extraordinary resemblance to one another move around throughout the city and you have no way of knowing from which house they come from. These men are called electrons and they do very many things, such as scattering light, carrying energy, etc. Normally they do not move out of their town unless they are paid an amount equal to One Workfuncs which is equivalent to a few Evolts in our currency. Peculiarly, you will see their houses, called Nucloos, always oscillating. They oscillate especially violently on hot, sunny days." Awe-struck by this description, Mr. Knowhow went to sleep that night looking forward to the end of their journey. He was woken up the next morning by Mr. Knowall and they were in the crystal city.

It was a strange experience for Mr. Knowhow to jump from one Nucloo to another. It was a strange city without streets and if the jump was not precise, one would fall into nothingness. But, strangely, in that nothingness, he saw electrons whizzing around sharing the information as and when they came across it. Mr. Knowhow wondered at the empty space inside a thing that looks so packed from outside. Suddenly Mr. Knowhow screeched because when he was about to make a jump from his Nucloo to the next, that Nucloo jumped sideways. Mr. Knowall held the hands of Mr. Knowhow firmly while his eyes were looking deep into the city and he was softly muttering to himself "Oh! It is not all that perfect". After walking some distance, a thoughtful Mr. Knowall stopped Mr. Knowhow and said, "Can you see that we are entering a region of misalignment?" After a few more steps they saw that an extra line of houses was introduced into the city from heavenwards. "But Mr. Knowall! How do you know beforehand?" cried a bewildered Mr. Knowhow. "Awareness my friend," said Mr. Knowall. "Be aware of your step. Suddenly the houses appeared a bit too close to one another and that is it." In the meanwhile they saw a fairly good number of Nucloos always jumping around in all directions. The city with its oscillating and jumping houses seemed very strange and lively.

Mr. Knowall and Mr. Knowhow changed their direction and followed the extra plane of Nucloos to end up on the border of the city. "Let us walk on one of these lines and make one full round on this surface. Mark this place," said Mr. Knowall and they started walking and the walk was never-ending. "I think we are going on a spiral," said Mr. Knowall and started walking in the opposite direction and after an equally tiring walk they ended up on their starting position.

"What is laid down, ordered seems to be never enough to embrace the whole truth. Life always spills over the rim of every cup. Mr. Knowhow, these crystals are not as perfect as Metallovia believes them to be and that is the mystery. Let us make one final journey into the city and then fly away," said Mr. Knowall.

Suddenly they saw the extra lines of houses moving. Mr. Knowall got excited. "That villain Blacksmith again. He is changing the map of the city. Start running!" When they moved fast out of the city, Mr. Knowhow noticed a heavenly light and was astonished. "Oh! That is Cherenkov radiation, Mr. Knowhow. It is because we are moving in the crystal with a velocity greater than the velocity of light in this crystal" said Mr. Knowall as they came out of the crystal.

After an exciting time of discussions with Metallovia and Theoretes about Early Yield, Mr. Knowall remarked, "So it is the misalignment of the Nucloos that contribute to the low yield strength and not Metallovia. Now the mystery is not why it yields early but why it contains misalignments," and concluded in a philosophical note saying, "Probably order is not the rule of nature!"

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