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Normal people by Sally Rooney

April 19, 2019

The book came with great recommendation from Maureen Corrigan:

Normal People is a nuanced and flinty love story about two young people who “get” each other, despite class differences and the interference of their own vigorous personal demons. But honestly, Sally Rooney could write a novel about bath mats and I’d still read it. She’s that good and that singular a writer.

I am happy to say that the book lives up to the high praise heaped on it! Strongly recommended.

Here is another review by Heller Mcalpin at NPR:

Although frequently heartbreaking, Normal People isn’t bleak. The brave determination of Rooney’s characters to reach out and try to catch each other with no guarantee of success — and to open themselves to “moments of joy despite everything” — is ultimately hopeful.

I am already off to read Conversations with friends.

Big Bhishma in Madras: In search of the Mahabharata with Peter Brook

April 9, 2019

A light and at times uneven read. Enjoyed reading it nonetheless!

Padmanabh Jaini’s Coincidences (Yogayoga)

April 5, 2019

A very good read! Ram Guha’s recommendation is here.