The legitimacy of

Computational science: even though the piece is about doing computational physics, I believe that it is true for any computational field — be it computational fluid dynamics or computational materials science. A nice piece! Here is the take home from the article:

In fact, I think that in the past scientists that focused on computational techniques had a difficult battle. Other scientists claimed that they weren’t really doing “science,” they were just computer programmers. It took some time to legitimize these computational techniques. But now we are in a place where every field uses numerical calculations in some way. No one thinks they are silly. Along with that, I make the claim that we should all be including numerical calculations in our introductory classes—the tools are very accessible now and there are no more excuses to keep it out of the curriculum. Keeping coding out of a physics class would be like saying “we aren’t going to do any problems that involve fractions.” Yes, I really think that.


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