Two opinions

Here is what Prof. G Padmanabhan, former director, IISc has to say in today’s Hindustan Times:

Modi pays the price for being articulate. Everybody expects him to respond to every event and whenever he responds it is ‘too little, too late’. I feel the hype on intolerance created by politicians, some intellectuals and the visual media frenzy is not good for the country to reach the goals of development. It will project a poor image of India and can affect investments.

Here is what S L Rao, former director-general, National Council of Applied Economic Research has to say in today’s Telegraph:

The BJP urgently needs to find practical politicians and technocrats to induct into the cabinet. They must organize training classes for legislators and ministers on how to behave with the public and political opposition. It must severely discipline those who stray from the core message of development. There must be a clear understanding with the RSS on how not to embarrass the government. Many present ministers have no idea on how to run their portfolios. They must be shifted or sacked (the minister of culture cost the party heavily). Key portfolios – finance, agriculture, human resources, science and technology, rural development and health – demand expertise, not rhetoric. The prime minister and others must quickly condemn attempts to silence dissenters instead of remaining content with delayed, mealy-mouthed statements.


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