Prof. G N K Iyengar (GNKI) as he was known; I have three distinct memories of him. First: in one of my interviews he asked for a phase diagram and when I made a mistake, he was very gruff in his follow-up question and helped me correct my mistake. Second: when I was standing on the Tata Auditorium side to cross the road, I was a bit closer to the road than the footpath for GNKI. He grabbed my upper arm, pulled me away from the road, and released it only after crossing the road. Third: he was a regular contributor to Samskrita Sangha and always had time to ask about our activities when we met him for prescription fees. I think his wife is a Veena player and GNKI used to be very active in organising the cultural programmes for the Sangha — but that was well before our times. On his retirement meet, I remember this statement from Prof. Ranganathan: “When I joined IISc, I understood that Iyengars from Mysore are very different from the Iyengars from Cuddalore”!

I have received an email from Prof. Murty of IITM  that Prof. GNKI passed away. Even with my very limited interaction with him, I could see that he was a soft man with a very hard looking exterior. May his soul rest in peace.

4 Responses to “Prof. GNKI: RIP”

  1. Sridevi Iyengar Says:

    Thank you so much. This is such a heart warming article on our dear father.
    Sridevi & Satya

    • Guru Says:

      Dear Ms. Sridevi:

      It was my privilege to have known and interacted with Prof. GNKI (as we knew him). Please accept my heartfelt condolences. I feel blessed that my small tribute made some difference to you at this difficult moment.


    • Ram Ramanathan Says:

      I am very sorry to learn that Dr. G.N.K. Iyengar passed away. I knew Dr. GNKI for several years – starting from 1971 – we were together as faculty memebers at RECT then. He and his wife Srimathi Nagamani Iyengar and son Satya ( little mischievous boy then – nicknamed as “Satya the terror” by GNKI).

      I know Mrs. Nagamani Iyengar a very good Veena player. I have met Dr. Iyengar several times at IISC Bangalore, and also visited Dr. and Mrs. Iyengar once at their home – We were very good friends. Dr. GNKI was a fine gentleman, a very accomplished professor in Chemical Metallurgy and and very jovial. My heartfelt condolences to Mrs. Iyengar and his family.

      Dr. R. Ramanathan

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