Chembai and the Music Academy

Sriram’s article on Chembai and the Music Academy is a must-read.  It is very difficult to argue forcefully or fight with Institutions while maintaining no ill-will. Chembai seems to have managed it. When we are on the topic, let me also strongly recommend Lakshmi Subramanian’s From the Tanjore court to the Madras Music Academy: A social history of music in South India. I am yet to complete the book. But I liked whatever I have read so far.


2 Responses to “Chembai and the Music Academy”

  1. gaddeswarup Says:

    Guru, if you are enjoying Lakshmi Subramanian’s book, you will probably enjoy Amanda Weidman’s book too. There is also a meta-review of some of these books
    I think that Lakshmi has a blog too but not a very active one. Once she participated in a discussion on Sai and Subbulakshmi in Richard Singer’s blog ‘ Dances on the footpath’.

  2. Guru Says:

    Dear Swarup:

    Thanks for the link to the review. I did buy Weidman’s book and it is in my “To Read” pile for more than seven/right months now. Once I read the book, I will post a note here!

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