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Meanness and success

November 30, 2014

Paul Graham has an essay on how very few of the most successful people he knows are mean:

Part of what’s going on, of course, is selection bias. I only know people who work in certain fields: startup founders, programmers, professors. I’m willing to believe that successful people in other fields are mean. Maybe successful hedge fund managers are mean; I don’t know enough to say. It seems quite likely that most successful drug lords are mean. But there are at least big chunks of the world that mean people don’t rule, and that territory seems to be growing.

A nice one!

PD James: RIP

November 27, 2014

Here is the Guardian report; via CT.

Two novels

November 15, 2014

Read Ian McEwan’s Atonement and Lily King’s Euphoria. Liked Euphoria a lot. Strongly recommended. Atonement is good too. (There is no comparison between the two novels. Just that I happened to read them one after another and liked one better than the other).

Grothendieck: RIP

November 15, 2014

I learnt the news through a mail from one of the colleagues in the mathematics department. Here is the obituary from The Telegraph.