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Evaluation: from within and without

November 27, 2013

The task of evaluating one’s worth must not be given to others. … Evaluation must come from within.

That is Pt. Mallikarjun Mansur in his Rasa Yatra. Once Ram Guha mentioned that among Indians, only musicians and sports persons try for perfection and only musicians achieve it. It probably is because these great musicians have this kind of harsh self-evaluation. By the way, as you might have noticed from this and the last couple of posts, this short book (Mansur’s Rasa Yatra) is a must-read. I am looking forward  to reading Pt. Mansur in the original in Kannada.

The musical fireworks

November 27, 2013

Pt. Mallikarjun Mansur’s music reminds me of Diwali sparklers; listen to his renditions of Shivmat Bhairav and Sawani in the Legend lives on CD for example. So, I was quite surprised (and very happy) to see the following description of his guru Manji Khan Saheb’s music:

It was as if a flowerpot sparkler had burst forth colourful sparks of fire into the sky and rained on mother earth with brightness and light.