Ramachandra Guha’s How much should a person consume?

I love reading Guha; irrespective of whether you agree or disagree with him, he is always thought provoking, and his prose is clear and a pleasure to read. I picked this book for the two chapters in which Guha pays his tributes to Chandi Prasad Bhatt and Madhav Gadgil. Just for those two chapters, this is a book worth owning. Having said that, there are plenty of other interesting material (including a lots about Kumarappa and Patrick Geddess). Guha does not really answer the question as to how much should a person consume. However, he certainly makes sure that any thoughtful reader of the book, after reading it, will be nagged by the question for a long time to come. This book was published about seven years ago; reading through some of his suggestions now, I find that even though on some aspects we have behaved responsibly, in majority of cases, we are still lacking the will and vision to lead an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.


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