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CMEG: a photo

August 2, 2012
Computational Materials Engineering Group

The computational materials engineering group at IIT-Bombay

It has been three years since I joined IIT-Bombay. The Computational Materials Engineering Group (CMEG) has been growing slowly but steadily in these three years.  We now have one technical assistant (who takes care of all our computers and the cluster), three PhD students (working on Twinning in copper, Modelling scattering processes in dye-sensitized solar cells, and microstructural evolution in magnetic thin films), four masters students (working on MD, twinning, modelling of formation of ceramic foams, and mathematical modelling of galvanic corrosion) a junior research fellow (working on dry snow metamorphism) and several interns (working both during the summer/winter vacations and the semester) in the group. The group will soon have its own laboratory space in which all the students will sit together (unlike the current arrangement where they are scattered in several different sitting places). We had a small pizza party in the group a couple of days ago and this is the photo from that occasion.