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HowTo: write code

June 29, 2012

Meant for economists; but should work for everybody.

ஆழி மழைக் கண்ணா! (Aazhi mazhaik kanna!)

June 28, 2012

Now, Bombay looks like Bombay (and, i wish it continues the same for at least a week!). For the song mentioned in the title, a word for word translation is available here!

Bunty is a good boy because his friends went to

June 25, 2012

I have also heard a Punjabi neighbour say this of her errant son: “Bunty is actually a good boy. Most of his friends went to IIT.”

From this must-read piece by Shiv Visvanathan.

Wrinkling and symmetry breaking transitions; and, dislocations and bacterial cell wall growth

June 20, 2012

Two interesting papers from PNAS:

Elastic sheet on a liquid drop reveals wrinkling and crumpling as distinct symmetry-breaking instabilities

Dislocation-mediated growth of bacterial cell walls

Take a look!