The (lost) browsing pleasures

There were hours that I spent in the new journals section of the library browsing through every journal except what I came looking for (and, sometimes there were interesting discoveries — like the time I learnt journal of differentiation has little to do with mathematics!). After online journals, now, I hardly ever go to the journals sections.

There were also hours spent at several book shelves browsing through biographies, popular science and mathematics and sociology/anthropology sections.  These days I hardly visit the library looking for books; but, occasionally when I do, I make sure that I browse through at least one rack other than what I came looking for.

At least in the bookshops, we used to browse and once in a while buy a book without any recommendation from anybody and hence discover a new book/author on our own. But after Flipkart and ordering books online based on recommendations I read at blogs, hardly any author or book I discovered on my own.

Today, after a long time, my browsing in the book shop lead me to the discovery of a book that looks very interesting: Ethics in everyday Hindu life: narration and tradition in a South Indian town by Leela Prasad. I do not remember seeing any reviews of this book; in the blurb, I see a strong recommendation from Velcheru Narayana Rao:

This is perhaps the only book that moves our attention from the texts of the Dharmashastras to the practice of dharma in the actual lives of Hindu families.

I am very excited about this discovery, and I hope the book lives up to the expectations I have (I did dip in here and there, and liked what I read). More soon!


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