State or stateless?

Andre Beteille’s piece is a must-read; here is one interesting view point from the essay:

Gandhi is acknowledged as the architect of India’s independence, and Ambedkar as the architect of its republican Constitution. No two leaders of a single country could have differed more on the valuations they placed on the State and on society. Gandhi viewed the State with mistrust and placed his hopes on the regenerative powers inherent in society. Ambedkar, on the other hand, was mistrustful of Indian society as he had experienced it, and placed his hopes on the constitutional State for the regeneration of the nation. It is hard to tell how he would have judged the disorder set in motion today by popular movements in the name of civil society. Indians have learnt to pay lip service to Ambedkar as the leader of the Dalits. But he was much more than that. He was above all the architect of the constitutional order which cannot be safeguarded if the State is kept under constant attack by every section of an expanding and discontented middle class.

Take a look!

2 Responses to “State or stateless?”

  1. tskraghu Says:

    It is amazing how this phenomenon is read and feared. Pressure tactics? Opens a door to its use indiscriminately in future? Yes. The solution is not to disregard the public frustration built up in all classs of society. It does a great harm again to talk in terms of Dalits and minorities, etc. etc. Have we not seen the past examples of disregarding with utter insensitivity to issues? Dravidian movement, the NE unrest, the tribals, the rape of the eco system, mass conversions, farmers, Kashmir, etc. etc. Our system is abs incompetent to recognize an issue in time and resolve it logically and emotionally. If it remains impervious to the pulse of the people this is what will happen. Wait until the poor and the dispossesed take to the streets on their plight. A constitution tha everyone takes shelter behind has undergone any number of changes. So what are we talking about? In a society it is not business as usual.

  2. tskraghu Says:

    A system that is insensitive to what is happening around, , has failed to deliver, does not cleanse itself from time to time has to go just the way corporates go. Why this eagerness to perpetuate a system that has not brought relief to sections of the society despite all those grandiose plans?

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