REUF: an idea that I like!

From Phd+Epsilon, I learn that there are specific workshops to deal with Research Experiences for Undergraduate Faculty:

As the title may suggest, the REUF workshop is intended for faculty in primarily undergraduate institutions, and the purpose is twofold: to give faculty new research problems that they can pursue themselves but also problems that can be suitable for research with undergraduates.

A nice idea — and a problem that I do face a lot; a large number of students (by my expectation anyway) do come to me and ask for research problems to work on, but, it is rather difficult to find problems on which undergrads can start working; of course, at present, I manage by giving pedagogical problems or attaching them with a masters or PhD student. But, it would really help if we can have a list of research problems on which undergraduates can work on their own.

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