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Mahadevan on applied mathematics as metaphor

August 25, 2011

Today, I heard Prof. L Mahadevan on Applied mathematics as metaphor (pdf); Prof. Mahadevan talked about curling guts, fluttering flags and swarming toothbrushes! Needless to say it was all fascinating and fun! Most of the talk was based on papers which you can download from Prof. Mahadevan’s page.

Kitchen experiment: Appalam edition

August 25, 2011

Long time readers of this blog know of a kitchen sink experiment I did nearly four years ago. Thanks to an email alert from my colleague and friend Shirish Waghulde, I learnt about another cool kitchen experiment today — the  diagnostics of microwave ovens using appalams as sensors. You will soon see photos in this blog of diagnostics of the microwave oven in our kitchen!