On an academic blogger and his writing style

Here is Amitava Kumar on historian and blogger Manan Ahmed and his writing:

When you read a good practitioner of any form of writing you are also provided a lesson in the practice of the art itself. Here’s what you learn from Manan Ahmed about blogging: Blogs should be short in order to be true to their medium; bound to the everyday, they should appear like fresh blood on the bandage. Ahmed’s posts possess both these qualities. As a blogger, Ahmed has too much quickness and wit to sound sententious; he is also far too self-conscious, or just plain honest, to ever wrap himself in sanctimony. These qualities not only make him eminently readable, they also push his writings, which deal with grim issues of culture and bloody politics, toward a kind of startling poignance. I know very few writers who lead us to rich sentiment as a refinement of thought itself. Ahmed is one of them. There is also something else in this writing: it is youthful, hip, eager to reach out to the world. I don’t mean I see here a naïve friendliness. No, as should be deduced from the idea of the blog, there is a desire to engage in a conversation, sure, but it is a critical conversation, full of attitude.

Take a look!


3 Responses to “On an academic blogger and his writing style”

  1. gaddeswarup Says:

    This may be another case of academic acquintances being nice to each other. I find that Manan obfuscates; see for example his post comparing the bombing of a hotel (Marriot I think) in Pakistan to Bombay trajedy. Apart from rants against USA I do not find his points very clear. I find Omar Ali who writes in “Accidental Blogger” much clearer. He does give some good references. The highlight of his blog for me are Lapata’s writings.

    • Guru Says:

      Dear Swarup:

      Thanks for the pointer to Omar Ali; and I do agree with you — sometimes I do fail to agree with some of the recommendations of the academic bloggers even though I am in agreement with them most of the times.


  2. gaddeswarup Says:

    I made a similar comment in amitava kumar’s blog and he responded. I am still not convinced but will ake more efforts to understand the posts in that blog. Thanks for thr response.

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