Academic work on “industry relevant” problems

Matt Welsh has some thoughts:

The big challenge, as I see it, is how to enable academics to do interesting and relevant work on the cloud when it’s nearly impossible to build up the infrastructure in a university setting. John Wilkes made the point that that he never wanted to see another paper submission showing a 10% performance improvement in Hadoop, and he’s right — this is not the right problem for academics to be working on. Not because 10% improvement is not useful, or that Hadoop is a bad platform, but because those kinds of problems are already being solved by industry. In my opinion, the best role for academia is to open up new areas and look well beyond where industry is working. But this is often at odds with the desire for academics to work on “industry relevant” problems, as well as to get funding from industry. Too often I think academics fall into the trap of working on things that might as well be done at a company.
Much of the debate at HotOS centered around the industry vs. academic divide and a fair bit of it was targeted at my previous blog posts on this topic. Timothy Roscoe argued that academia’s role was to shed light on complex problems and gain understanding, not just to engineer solutions. I agree with this. Sometimes at Google, I feel that we are in such a rush to implement that we don’t take the time to understand the problems deeply enough: build something that works and move onto the next problem. Of course, you have to move fast in industry. The pace is very different than academia, where a PhD student needs to spend multiple years focused on a single problem to get a dissertation written about it.
I think the key sentence is this:

Too often I think academics fall into the trap of working on things that might as well be done at a company.

Sometimes, there could even be some pressure from the industry itself to solve their problems at the University, though Matt does not talk about that scenario.


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