Group as community: the secret to academic success

At least one of the secrets to academic success — as FSP explains it:

I have stated many times in the FSP blog, and probably here in Scientopia as well, that I view a research group as a community: a community of people who work together and who, by the work of the individuals and the group, help each other. Today’s topic is a great example of the community concept: If graduates of our research group are successful at getting good jobs, this becomes widely known and attracts new excellent students to our group, and the cycle continues for as long as we are fortunate to have ideas, students, grants.

In my discussions with like-minded colleagues, we have often concluded that during your grad school how you are viewed by your peers can have a very long term impact on your career paths. In that sense, being seen as a valuable member of a community is very important. In the Indian context, more often than not, this sense of community might even cut across group boundaries, and, in my opinion, that is a great thing.


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