Legislations and social change

Recently, I heard Dr. Andrew Kerr on bridging the gap between good ideas and practical solutions to deliver a low carbon economy. I do not know how much of Scottish experience is relevant or useful in the Indian context — basically because I have no hard data for making comparisons — for example, in absolute terms, what is the energy consumption of Scottland and India? and, in absolute terms again, what is the energy consumption growth rate in Scottland and India and in what sectors are these growth taking place? and so on.

Having said that, I agree with one point that Dr. Kerr made. Legislations hardly ever deliver on these issues; you have to make people see the point, see the advantages of doing things one way and also give them incentives for doing things in a particular way — the best incentive being economic — that it costs less if you do things that way. In other words, we need more activist politicians than legislating parliamentarians to make progress in sustainable economic growth.


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