How to: become a physicist and/or a hacker

Nice piece by ZapperZ on becoming a physicist; while we are at it, I have also drawn much inspiration from Eric Raymond’s how to on becoming a hacker.

PS: By the way, personally, one thing about being a computational materials scientist/engineer is that you get to explore (and try and develop expertise) in mathematics, physics/chemistry as well as coding skills — making the process exciting and rich.


One Response to “How to: become a physicist and/or a hacker”

  1. Mike Says:

    People often ask the question: do I have to be an Einstein to become a physicist? The answer is NO. Sure, physicists have to be proficient in mathematics, but the main thing is to have that curiosity and drive. One of the greatest physicists of all time, Michael Faraday, started out as a penniless, uneducated apprentice, but he was persistent and creative and then went on to revolutionize modern civilization with electric motors and dynamos. Much of the worlds gross domestic product depends on his work.

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