Ram Guha’s tribute to Bhimsen

Is here; he draws the attention to the influence of medieval poets on Bhimsen’s music and also makes the point that Bhimsen’s music can be meditative (ruminative is the word that Guha uses).

There is also a reference to one of my favourite musicians — Venkatesh Kumar — in Guha’s piece. And, it is time I located some Puttaraj Gavai.

I have heard Bhimsen sing soulful Devaranamas, while Mallikarjun’s renditions of Basaveshwara vachanas are moving; but, as far as I remember, I never heard Bhimsen sing vacahnas nor Mansur sing Devaranamas. So, I was surprised to see Ram Guha mentioning that Mansur liked to sing Purandaradasa’s songs.


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