On Higgins Bhagavathar and classical music on TV

Here is Sriram Venkatkrishnan on Higgins Bhagavathar:

Jon Higgins, who combined research with a performer’s career, was therefore something of a wonder. His singing and his pronunciation, as though he had spent a whole lifetime soaking in Carnatic music, amazed everyone. After all, as Higgins humorously observed in an article written for The Indian Fine Arts Society’s souvenir in 1967-68, “is it not an obvious prerequisite that one must be born on the banks of the Cauvery” to be able to appreciate, let alone sing Carnatic music?

While we are on the topic of classical music, Doordarshan continues its incomparable service to classical music with its specific time slots for classical music — be it national, podhigai or chandana. Of the satellite TV channels, it probably is only Jaya TV that gives some classical music; all the rest  give film music, reality shows and bhakti music but nothing that is truly classical. A pity! Wouldn’t a classical music TV channel be a great idea?

2 Responses to “On Higgins Bhagavathar and classical music on TV”

  1. Karthik Says:

    That would truly be wonderful. How nice it would be to actually see all the concerts uploaded on sangeethamshare.org

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