Enthiran: a must-see!

We watched Enthiran yesterday.

I liked it a lot — especially, the scenes wherein Rajni takes the form of Chellaaththa and loses his avatar as fast as he attained it to the awe and bewilderment (repsectively) of the ladies clad in yellow and with neem leaves in hand! And, my daughter is still going around asking “Who is this Chellaththa?”

And, the Machu Picchu song (with Llamas, and Kilimanjaro and Mohanjadaro in the lyrics — by the way, there was electros, protons and somewhere wasabi too in the lyrics of some of the the other songs from the movie — yaaru thalaiva antha kavignar — kalakkittaare!) was, oh! so…. lovely.

I would have preferred the second half to a be a little bit shorter; but, as one of my friends reminded me, may be we are too old for this kind of special effects and fight sequences.

On the whole, a must-see movie; have fun (Here is where I punch air with my index finger and say dot)

Here is another fan (and a friend of mine) going crazy about thalaivar — and, as far as his belittling the contributions of Ash to the movie, like they say in my parts, the kid did not know what it was talking about — so, forgive it!

One Response to “Enthiran: a must-see!”

  1. Chiranjeevi Says:

    Basketball player: I can spin a ball on my finger for 2 hrs…can u??Rajnikant: How do u think the earth spins??!!…;)

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