A must-read!

Milk and honey

The muddy water from a stagnant pool
in his land
which drinking deer had stirred up
was far sweeter to me
than the milk and honey here.

(what the girl told her friend, back home after a brief period of elopement)


Ainkurunuru 203

Make it larger!

Hear me, potter:
Like a little lizard
that travels with a cart,
perching on the wheel,
I had travelled all the way with him
crossing many a wilderness.
Have pity on me,
and make his funeral urn
a little oversize.


Purananuru 256

From the must read translation, Love stands alone: selections from Tamil Sangam Poetry, translated by M L Thangappa and edited by A R Venkatachalapathy. Here is the review in the Hindu, and here are some excerpts from Hindu literary review. The review from the Telegraph was also very positive.


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