Plastic currency notes

Thanks to an email alert from a colleague, I learnt about the essay by Prof. David Solomon titled Australia’s Plastic Banknotes: Fighting Counterfeit Currency:

Worlds first banknote printed on clear plastic film and using optically variable devices (OVDs) was issued in Australia in 1988 after twenty years of research and development. In the course of this, a great deal of technical as well as logistic issues had to be solved.

A must-read and fascinating piece! Here is the press release from Wiley.

One Response to “Plastic currency notes”

  1. gaddeswarup Says:

    Interesting twist. See
    “The damning audit found that Securency, which makes polymer banknotes used in Australia and 28 other countries, had paid almost $50 million in commissions and other payments since 2003 to a global network of politically connected agents…..The AFP is investigating Securency for allegedly bribing officials in countries including Nigeria, Malaysia and Vietnam where it paid millions of dollars to well-connected middlemen after being awarded banknote supply contracts.”

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