Skills for graduates!

Communication skills — written and oral — are an important component of university education, and are also very priced in the job market. At InsideHigherEd, I see that the bar has been raised — to include fluency with the use of audio-visual material:

I’ll share my favorite 10, modified somewhat from the original list.1. Start a Blog

2. Buy an Audio Recorder and Learn to Use It

3. Start Editing Audio

4. Post an Interview (or Podcast) on Your Blog

5. Learn How to Shoot, Crop, Tone, and Optimize Photos (And Add Them to Your Blog)

6. Learn to Create Effective Voice-Over Presentations with Rapid Authoring Software

7. Tell a Good Story with Images and Sound

8. Learn to Shoot Video

9. Edit Your Video with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker

10. Publish Your Video on Your Blog.

And, I tend to agree — the written and oral communication are no more confined only to words and drawings.


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