Readings: the private and the social

Libby Gruner at Inside Higher Ed:

It’s an odd thing, writing a blog. Folks I know — or colleagues I don’t know, for that matter — can stumble across it in ways they’re unlikely to come across my academic work, but they don’t often let me know they read it. That’s fine — one of the great pleasures of reading is how private it can be at times, how personal, how intimate. And if they don’t like it I certainly don’t need to hear it! But when I do hear about it, then writing a blog post becomes part of an ongoing conversation. I think we need both kinds of reading, the private and the social; the first allows us to drink deeply of new ideas and to reflect on them, while the second can allow us to put them into practice, to hone and refine them. (Or, one allows us to skim hastily while the other forces a certain accountability — that’s always another possibility.)

The rest of the piece is about a couple of articles on teaching that appeared recently (which Abi also referred to in his blog). Take a look!


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