Innovations in Veena lost to us

Sriram Venkatkrishnan writes about Venkataramana Das:

According to Prof. Sambamurthy, the maestro had some rare veenas in his possession including one made of sampangi wood and another, a gift from the Maharajah of Mysore that had a “metallic spring suspended from the under side of the top plank of the bowl. When necessary the instrument was just tilted and the spring gave a ringing melodious series of sounds.” Wonder what happened to these?

A nice piece; it also mentions about the practice of holding veena vertical while playing it:

Venkataramana Das followed the now almost extinct tradition of holding the veena vertically while playing. Today, this practice is followed only in the Srirangam temple during the Ekanta Seva.

Take a look!


One Response to “Innovations in Veena lost to us”

  1. veena ramarao Says:

    i am veena ramarao grandson of late shatkala chakravorthy veena venkataramana das samathana vidwan vizianagram. The rare veeen that was mentioned above ” the veena with a metallic spring suspended under side of the top plank of the bowl.when necessary the veena just tilted the spring vibrates giving a ringing melidious series of sounds” is presently preserved in the auditorium of Govt.of Andhra Pradesh pottisriramulu telugu university public gardens hyderabad and this can be seen any interested perssons in this premisis.
    veena ramarao

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