Tributes to S Rajam

Hindu has several pieces on the musician, painter and actor S Rajam who passed away recently:

  1. Gowri Ramnarayan
  2. Rupa Gopal
  3. Randor Guy
  4. Vijayalakshmi Subramaniam
  5. Lakshmi Venkatraman

Plenty of interesting information and moving tributes in there; take a look!


3 Responses to “Tributes to S Rajam”

  1. raj Says:

    Rajam was a musician, painter, actor. His brother S.Balachandar was an actor, director, chess player, veena artist….

    A gifted family!

    • Guru Says:


      Till I saw the obits, I did not know that Rajam was the brother of Balachandar. Till I saw your comment, I did not know that Balachandar was a chess player. Thanks!


  2. Jayan Says:

    He will be immortal for his paintings of Thyagaraja , Dikshitar and Shyama Shastri.. Not to take away his ‘vidvat’ on music.

    As Raj said, a gifted family indeed.

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