What could be a wonderful feature

In email readers is that if I can mark the messages to be deleted after a particular date/time. I use squirrel mail and gmail. As far as I know, both do not give such an option. More often than not, one likes to get rid of a mail, but not immediately. If at the time of reading, the message can be marked so, then, it would be available to me till that date and then will disappear. Are there any mail services which offer this facility?

2 Responses to “What could be a wonderful feature”

  1. Grizzly Says:

    You need a secretary, you really do! 😉

  2. Sachin Shanbhag Says:

    You may be able to adjust how frequently your Trash is actually flushed (Thunderbird lets me do that). So all your deleted emails remain available until the flush happens.

    I know this isn’t quite as direct, but I’ve grown used to functioning like this.

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