Basaveshvara Vachana by Ranjani Hebbar

This time, when we were in Udupi on vacation, accidentally, we picked a CD of Devaranama by Ranjani Hebbar called Ranganathana Noduva Banni. We decided to buy this CD primarily because it contained a vachana of Basaveshvara (which is very uncommon for a CD of devara nama to contain) and because I have heard that vachana sung only by Basavaraj Rajguru (in not such a great quality recording) and is a favourite of mine — called Nudidara Muddina Haaradhanthirabeku. We are quite happy with this purchase — of all the CDs that we bought this time, this is the one that we like the most. I am going to be on the look out for more of her music from now on.

5 Responses to “Basaveshvara Vachana by Ranjani Hebbar”

  1. vs Says:

    Gives us the lyrics and the transalation, if you can!

  2. Guru Says:

    Here is a translation for the vachana.

  3. vs Says:

    Thanks a lot! “kudala sangama deva” was what prompted me to ask for a transalation of Basavanna’s poems. I should now try to improve my Kannada.

  4. Kulkarni Says:

    Yes.That is absolutely scintillating CD . One of the top 10 to hit the mark in a decade.In my opinion.
    For a carnatic artist , she has wonderful ability to introduce Hindusthani nuances. Gorakh Kalyan (Hyage Mecchisalee ) MaruBehag(nudidare muttina Haradanthirabeku) Brindavana Sarang (Sada Enna Hrudayadallee ) are indeed memorable.

  5. Ranjani Hebbar Guruprasad: RIP | Entertaining Research Says:

    […] We discovered her singing more than three years ago; a great loss! Here is the news and note from Hindu. […]

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