HowTo: get your papers accepted

Matt Welsh at Volatile and Decentralized has some nice pointers:

When reviewing so many papers, it is amazing to me how many authors make simple mistakes that make it so much more difficult to review (let alone accept!) their papers. Keep in mind that when reviewing 25+ papers for a program committee, you have to do them fairly quickly and the easier it is for the reviewer to digest your paper and get to the core ideas, the more likely they are to look favorably on the paper. I tend to review papers while on the elliptical machine at the gym, which also helps to tamp down any physical aggression I might feel while reading them. (Of course, I have to go back and write up my comments later, but usually in a post-exercise state of unusual mental clarity.)

A few hints on getting papers accepted — or at least not pissing off reviewers too much.

Take a look!


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