Two things about Euler that I learnt today

From Rolf Jeltsch’s colloquium in the Mathematics Department are the following:

[1] Euler was probably one of the earliest mathematical modellers: for example, he turned the Koenigsburg bridge problem into one of graph theory; and, apparently, he is also the first one to consider control volumes in fluid dynamics while the other hydrodynamicists were looking at the entire fluid under different circumstances and tried to describe its behaviour.

[2] Euler was pretty open by the then scientific standards; while his contemporaries were trying to keep their discoveries secret, apparently, he wrote expository pieces and circulated them, and, never indulged in priority disputes.

I have read great things about Euler through his great admirer (probably the greatest) Clifford Truesdell. After learning about his open science approach, I am more impressed.


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4 Responses to “Two things about Euler that I learnt today”

  1. Fëanor Says:

    Hiya! Are there any lecture notes at all?

  2. Sumeet Says:

    You might find this talk interesting!
    [video src="" /]

    Dunham is another great admirer of Euler.

    • Guru Says:

      Dear Sumeet,

      Thanks for the link; the net is too slow for me to watch the video right away. But, I will download it and watch it at leisure.

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