Choosing academics and being powerful in academics

Here are the ten simple rules for choosing between academia and the industry:

1 Assess your qualifications
2 Assess your needs
3 Assess your desires
4 Assess your personality
5 Consider the alternatives
6 Consider the timing
7 Plan for the long term
8 Keep your options open
9 Be analytic
10 Be honest with yourself

Link via Abi.

Via Abi again, I get this quote about corrupt academic world and the signaling techniques used  in it:

Gambetta calls the system “an academic kakistocracy, or government by the worst,” which is definitely an expression I can see catching on.This may seem like a tangent from comparative criminology. But Gambetta argues that the cheerful incompetence of the baroni is akin to the mafioso’s way of signaling that he can be “trusted” within his narrowly predatory limits

“Being incompetent and displaying it,” he writes, “conveys the message I will not run away, for I have no strong legs to run anywhere else. In a corrupt academic market, being good at and interested in one’s own research, by contrast, signal a potential for a career independent of corrupt reciprocity…. In the Italian academic world, the kakistrocrats are those who best assure others by displaying, through lack of competence and lack of interest in research, that they will comply with the pacts.”

Have fun!


One Response to “Choosing academics and being powerful in academics”

  1. poor student Says:

    u shud certainly not have chosen academia because you have no right to play with other peoples lives and you certainly are the worst teacher ever

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