Tao on collaborations

Here is Terence Tao at the AMS Grad Students blog:

Q: You have collaborators in several fields. What is the most important element to having a successful mathematical collaboration, especially between fields?

A: I feel that collaboration is most productive (and enjoyable) when it arises from a genuine friendship, and not just a business deal. In particular, one should not be worrying too much about how to apportion the credit or the workload for a project, and one should always be trying to communicate one’s own thoughts as clearly as possible to the other collaborators. At least one of my collaborators insists on strictly adhering to the “Hardy-Littlewood rules of collaboration”; with most of my other collaborators, we don’t adhere to these rules to the letter, but we certainly follow the spirit of them in most cases.

A good one!


3 Responses to “Tao on collaborations”

  1. raj Says:

    Guru, what’s up? Your blogging rate has slipped quite a bit. I expected some posts from you on the Nobel prizes…..

    • Guru Says:

      Dear Raj,

      This is the first time I am teaching an undergrad core course. I am also experimenting with a regular exercise schedule. Both these leave me with very little time to catch up on other blogs, leave alone writing. However, I hope to catch up soon. May be in a month or so, I am planing to be be back to at least a-post-a-day schedule! Let us see.

  2. raj Says:

    All the best, Guru. You must slog, hog, jog and … blog too.

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