HowTo: write *the* CV

From Inside Higher Ed — Teresa Magnum’s Career Advice column:

… you’ll want to include

  • Your name and contact information: address, email, various phone numbers.
  • Educational history: Note undergraduate and graduate degrees with schools and dates. If you haven’t received your final degree yet, be sure to note the expected date of graduation (or Ph.D. defense).
  • Research and teaching interests (either grouped together or in separate categories). But be honest. What could you teach tomorrow?
  • Dissertation: Most people include the title, the name of the dissertation director, and a three-sentence description that captures the topic, angle, and significance of the project.
  • Work history (usually teaching experience): List relevant positions of responsibility and paid employment.
  • Awards and fellowships.
  • Publications: If you have published your work, excellent. But remember that a stunning dissertation can also win the day.
  • Conferences and presentations.
  • Additional experience: service, committees, volunteer work.
  • Memberships in professional organizations.
  • List the names of faculty members and others who have written letters for you. Include contact information for your university placement service (if they have your letters, etc.).

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