In search of Sanjeevani plant

In the latest column of Speaking of science, D Balasubramanian talks about this paper from the latest issue of Current science (pdf) and this commentary on it (pdf) from the same journal. Here is the abstract of the paper:

This article reports our attempt to explore the possible plants that could represent Sanjeevani – the mythical herb from the epic Ramayana. Our search was based on a set of criteria developed from the consistent details available from the epic on the names of the herb in different languages, its habitat, medicinal values and the ability to ‘resurrect’ life. Accordingly, from an initial list of potential candidate species, we have filtered two species on which initial studies can be focused. However, our search is not complete and hence not final, as there could be other approaches and accordingly, other suggestions as well for Sanjeevani.

Balasubramanian’s piece is also a nice summary of the work. Take a look!


One Response to “In search of Sanjeevani plant”

  1. Thilanka Bodhikotuwa Says:

    Nice Post
    link rare Medicinal plants of sri lanka

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