Honest self-appraisal and some thoughts on lecturing

Is there a teacher who has taught a course and hadn’t felt the same way as Luis Von Ahn? (Thanks to Abi for sharing the link at Google Reader):

… even when I prepare a lot, the lectures are not all that great. I make mistakes, I forget to say some things, my handwriting is bad, my jokes fall flat, etc. Every semester there are maybe 3-4 lectures that I am happy with afterwards, and of the rest about 50% totally suck in my mind and 50% are just barely passable.

Von Ahn goes on to talk about making Hollywood style movies of lectures — with script writers and all that!

I don’t know about the movie; however, I think the one who taught or had the idea to teach an entire course with TED style 20 minute modules (I forget where I saw the link — any help to locate the info will be appreciated) got it pucca — I would really love video lectures on YouTube of an entire course with only 20 minute units — each with just one idea to take home!


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