Thesis/dissertation writing: how long is too long?

From this must-read post of Reassigned time (via Jenny):

While I don’t think that an excessively long time to degree is desirable, I do think that the continued push toward shortening times to degree can get in the way of the foundation-laying that really does need to happen if one is to have a life as a scholar as one moves forward on an academic career path.


3 Responses to “Thesis/dissertation writing: how long is too long?”

  1. Ela Says:

    Well..I guess it helps in prolonging the stay at universities..You know better!!

    • Guru Says:


      Welcome to my blog!

      Yes — one not only stays as long as possible in the university, but also gets trained during that period to justify the longer stay 🙂

  2. Ela Says:

    mmmm..Here comes the professor with good(diplomatic) answers!!

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